Are Rottweilers Good Family Pets?

pet rottweiler good for family

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Rottweilers are wonderful and affectionate dogs. They can make a great family pet and impressive guard dogs as well, with proper training.

Are Rottweilers Good Family Pets
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The temperament of the Rottweiler

A big Rottweiler can be a handful but if you properly socialize him, you can use this big dog to your benefit. He’s a loving, loyal, social creature. Some Rottweilers are calm and docile, while others are quite bold and high strung. This depends on the mix of the breed. A Rottweiler can be quite amusing with good training, but watch out for those who are bullies, or don’t mind inflicting serious pain. If this is the case with your Rottweiler, he isn’t suitable for families, as he can destroy anything he comes across. Rottweilers are strong dogs and require a large yard. Due to their size, they need to be housebroken before any active play can begin. Training a Rottweiler to stay off the furniture is also a requirement, as the dog is just too big for the household to handle.

Why are Rottweilers so gentle?

Rottweilers are considered the most affectionate and gentle of breeds. They are easy to train and are excellent at following household rules and not disturbing people. They love their family and, unlike other breeds, are not prone to fighting, aggressive behavior, or digging holes. Signs of Aggression Rottweilers are one of the most loving dogs on the planet. They want nothing more than to please their family. Because of this, there are only a few of them that will exhibit aggression. However, if this dog gets into an altercation, there is no point in trying to separate them, as they will do so to protect their family. Once this happens, the more determined the dog will become, until the fight is over and the victor is known.

Rottweilers are people dogs and are affectionate and loyal toward their families. They are great family members and are excellent guard dogs for families as well
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What health issues does a Rottweiler have?

Rottweilers are very strong and have excellent stamina, stamina is even more so with Rottweilers than any other breed. Because of this, they often have a harder time recovering from being sick, such as infections, and most, unfortunately, obesity. What should I know before getting a Rottweiler? You will need to make sure that you are physically ready to handle a large dog, so please talk to your vet about your own physical fitness, as well as the ability of the dog and the environment you are living in. Most Rottweilers are happy to get exercise, as long as it is not heavy lifting, as this can cause muscle stiffness. However, training is highly beneficial, and the doggy daycare where I keep my Rottweiler, Daybreak Ranch, is an excellent place to play with your dog.

Do Rottweilers make good family pets?

That depends on how you want to live with your dog. If you want your dog to be an obedient, devoted companion for you, then a Rottweiler is not for you. However, if you want your dog to be able to play and engage with the family, then a Rottweiler is perfect. Rottweilers are much more inclined to bond with people. They are definitely good family dogs. But, like most family dogs, they are also full of energy. That’s why they can be a bit of a handful. Your Rottweiler needs plenty of exercise and training. He should always be encouraged to play or work and should never be confined to the house all day. What Kind of Environment Should Rottweilers Live In? It depends on the temperament of the Rottweiler and also on the climate in which he lives.

pet rottweiler good for family
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It is normal for a dog to have its own sense of playfulness, curiosity, and adventure. Dogs also enjoy playing and being playful, and they enjoy seeing people and other dogs as well. Some dogs, however, are very interested in other dogs and get very excited and anxious. If you are dog has this behavior, take your dog for a temperament evaluation. This is a fairly routine evaluation to see if you have a temperament issue. If you do, you may wish to consider working with a trainer who specializes in helping people with dogs who are anxious and/or have behavioral issues. About the Author: Beth McCarthy Michelle is a Certified Master Dog Trainer and owner of Wild Boar Dog Training LLC. She also has an extensive background in Animal Behavior and Dog Training.

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