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How To Choose the Right Breed of Dog For You

Not every breed of dog is a good fit for a family with children. There are definitely some breeds that are more patient and playful when it comes to having little ones in your home.

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What to look for in a family dog

According to the ASPCA, there are some key traits of a good family dog. Bully breed dogs, like pugs and Shih Tzus, are often great dogs to have around children but tend to be more territorial. You may also have to provide extra space when they are with you and the children as they are more likely to chew on toys and furniture. Kelpies have more patience than other breeds and can be great around children. They are considered gentle dogs so you can leave them in the backyard without worrying about them running away. The only thing that we can do is try to get a dog that matches our family. How to keep a dog happy Having a pet should not be a burden. Remember to remember to play with your dog. Allow them to experience the joys of playtime.

Breeds of dogs that are best for families

Any dog can do well as a family dog. However, certain breeds of dogs are better suited for kids. Here is a list of some breeds that are great for kids. Labrador Retriever If you want a reliable family dog that is great at hiking and spending time in the great outdoors, a Labrador Retriever might be your best choice. These dogs are typically calm and people-oriented and are good at taking walks together. Rescue Labradors are the most popular of all Labradors. Most rescue dogs come from homes where the owners have returned the dog after training the dog to be calm and obedient in certain situations. The Chihuahua This small dog is known for its cute face and eager to please attitude. As a breed, it’s not easy to train a Chihuahua.

Breeds of dogs that should not live with children

Cocker spaniels: Many pet stores market cocker spaniels as good for children. This breed is bred to work and do agility. While this is great for the breed, they are not built to be playmates for a young child. This breed is also known for the destruction it can do in a home if it does not have proper training. Doberman pinschers: These dogs may get along with children, but they are a very strong breed and even a toddler can easily hurt the dog. One of the problems with this breed is that they don’t learn very well to give to pressure. This will make them bite on impulse. If you have small children, this is not a good breed for you. Corgis: They are hard to walk because they aren’t motivated to walk very far. They don’t like to play with children.

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Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash


Although all dogs are a wonderful addition to a family, some are just better suited to certain homes than others. Finding the right dog for your family is all about knowing what kind of lifestyle and personality fits best.

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