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bernese mountain dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog: The Heartwarming, Loyal Pet You’ve Been Looking For

The Bernese Mountain Dog (aka “Berners”) are traditionally known for their work ethic as farmyard protectors and for driving cattle, but when the work is done they are known to their owners as gentle and intelligent companions. A wonderful addition to a family with children.

The History of the Bernese Mountain Dog

There is very little information about the history of the Bernese Mountain Dog, or the breed’s origins, as it was only recognized by the American Kennel Club in the year 2000. Bernese Mountain Dogs are believed to have evolved from the Münsterhund, an approximately thirty-five thousand-year-old dog. While the Münsterhund is believed to have been a farm animal, the Bernese Mountain Dog is still used for some farm work but is not suited for the same task that the Münsterhund was. The Bernese Mountain Dog is also well adapted to living on the mountains, like Bern in Switzerland. The breed was also likely imported from Switzerland and Austria at some point in history, as the Swiss have been producing dogs for thousands of years.

What to Expect When You Adopt a Bernese Mountain Dog

A gentle and intelligent companion. Basic Training: Practicality and Efficiency. Provides a steady, reliable assistance dog. “The perfect travel companion.” A working farm dog that has an instinctive, strong affinity for being outdoors, is most comfortable when working, and is playful and loyal. The Bernese Mountain Dog is a classic example of a working dog that is perfectly suited to work with children. The Bernese Mountain Dog is an intelligent, tough, independent, and well-mannered dog with a wonderful temperament. Ideal for families with small children. The Bernese Mountain Dog was bred for herding, forage work, and sled driving; she is an intelligent dog who will need plenty of mental stimulation and appropriate discipline to keep her active.

Why the Bernese Mountain Dog is Perfect for You

They are very intelligent dogs with a good understanding of commands and pack routines. They’re friendly, mild-mannered, and even slow to bark at strangers. They love visitors and are always happy to meet new ones. They’re easy to train and since they’re usually well-behaved in the house they’re very suitable for apartment living. They’re also fairly patient and gentle with smaller children and they’re generally quite energetic in play. Durable, Brave, Large and Healthy The Bernese Mountain Dog is a healthy breed, weighing between 60 and 85 lbs. with a solid build and bone structure. They are sturdy enough to take a lot of abuse, yet not so large that they can’t play or run with the kids. They are, as a rule, healthy with manageable dental issues.

A Few Final Thoughts

A Bernese Mountain Dog’s exterior coat can grow up to two inches per year. These dogs should live to be between 12 and 14 years old. They are true mountain dogs – they are bred to live out in the backcountry, coming in only to go to the bathroom. Bernese Mountain Dogs can be a great watchdog. Most of the time they are happy, playful, loyal dogs. A Bernese Mountain Dog could make a great addition to your family.

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