Will a Pet Pig Get Along With Dogs?

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You may have seen online or on television the home where a pig and a dog get along beautifully. If you already have a dog, you might not want to introduce a pig in the home as well, and vice versa. Dogs and pigs can both be domesticated animals, so they should be able to live together peacefully, right?

Pigs and dogs will not get along. Dogs are predators at the very heart of them, and pigs are prey. Though you may notice your dog and pig getting along, that won’t always be the case. Your dog can turn on your pig at any given moment without any foreseeable reason.

This article will learn why dogs and pigs don’t get along and what the signs indicate conflict. You will get answers to whether the pig or the dog’s size matters and whether or not they get along in the long run. Finally, you will find out if it is possible to train your dog and pig to live cohesively and harmoniously.

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Why Do Dogs Not Get Along With Pigs?

Why your dog and pig do not get along comes down to the primal instincts of who they are at the heart of their species. Your dog is a predator. Any dog that lives domestically has a lineage that can be traced back to wolves. No matter how big or small your dog is, their lineage will lead you to a wolf.

In the wild, wolves hunt boars, which is a type of wild pig. It is instinctual for a dog to want to hunt a pig because it is predator-prey staging, and it can happen in the wild or your living room. Domestic dogs are less likely to attack your pet pig, but it does happen, and often. It doesn’t mean your dog is bad or your pig is a nuisance, it just means their natural instincts sometimes come into play.

Signs That Your Pig and Dog Aren’t Getting Along

You can go days and even weeks watching your dog, and your pet pig gets along like brothers. They can be playing one minute, and then in a split second, your dog is attacking your pig. The immediate signs that something is about to happen include your dog salivating profusely. Your dog may bar his teeth or growl.

The salivating, growling, and barking are regular signs that your dog is unhappy, but you also might want to make sure that your pig isn’t instigating the aggression. Many pigs like to butt heads or even charge aggressively, and this will set off your dog. Whether it is in play or not, each animal will have a different reaction to the instigations.

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Does It Matter if the Pig Is Bigger Than the Dog?

It doesn’t matter what size the pigs or the dogs are. Whether your pig is larger than the dog or the dog is larger than the pig, either can lead to aggression. Both pigs and dogs are perfect pets for humans because they are both intelligent, love their owners, and are loyal. However, they are not perfect playmates regardless of size.

When it comes to each other, it doesn’t matter what size the dog or pig is. The primal instinct of a dog to see a pig as prey is there. Whether you have a full-sized pig with a tiny teacup poodle makes no difference. Your dog and pig will not get along because of their natural inclinations and instincts.

The only thing that size may affect is that a smaller dog with a larger pig may be less damaged. However, that depends on how to motivate your pup to do damage to the pig. The same goes for the pig to the dog. Pigs probably will not attack a dog unless they are playful, but a dog will attack a pig for little to no foreseeable reason.

Training Your Pig and Dog to Get Along

Honestly, it is nearly impossible for you to train your dog to get along with your pig. The problem with training a dog to be friends with your pig is that even if they seem to get along for years, there is always a chance of some sort that your dog will turn on the pig. It is a natural instinct at any time that can kick in, and your sweet, loveable dog will lose control.

No matter what breed of dog you own, how big or small the pig maybe, or the temperament of any of the animals, a dog’s natural instinct is that a pig is a food, and that is how your K9 will perceive your pet.

Both animals are intelligent and are capable of jealousy when it comes to you. It is best to create some separation when it comes to both pets. Neither should see the other getting preferential treatment because that will lead to conflict.

Safety Tips for Keeping Pigs and Dogs

Here are a few safety precautions to take when keeping both a pig and dog as pets in the home:

  • Keep the pig and the pup in separate areas for the most part. If they are in the same room, make sure you watch them carefully.
  • If you see any signs of aggression from your dog, immediately separate them.
  • If your dog does attack your pig, make sure to bring your pig to the vet right away.

Can a Dog and a Pig Live Harmoniously?

Unfortunately, your dog and your pig are not natural housemates. Since they are animals, they will have animal instincts that can make their life together tricky. Dogs are descendants of some of the most natural predators on earth, and that instinct is built into the very core of who they are. To a dog, your pig is prey.

No matter how much your pig and your dog get along, it only takes one instance that can turn your dog into the predator that they are deep down. You want to make sure that your dog and pig remain safe and feel loved, separating them in the home is best. You also want to ensure that you treat your pets fairly because both dogs and pigs are capable of jealousy.

Limit their time together in the same room and separate them immediately at any sign of aggression. Make sure to watch carefully for teeth-baring, growling, or any sign that your dog isn’t happy. Make sure that your pig isn’t instigating the issues by playfully headbutting your dog. Take your pig to the vet if your dog happens to pounce and hurt your pig.


There is no wonder that you love both your pig and your dog. As Winston Churchill stated, “I am fond of pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.” Pigs make excellent companions for anyone, but you need to be careful when they are with your dog. A dog is going to see a pig as a prey. The only thing you can do is make sure that you keep a close eye on them.

To enjoy a harmonious relationship with your pig and dog is to ensure you follow the guidelines of keeping them safe. Both are beautiful pets, both loyal and loving. How they are with each other is natural instincts at play, and it is best to be on guard at all times when they are in the same room.


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