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7 Hotels Where Pets Stay Free

If you’re on the road with your pet, sometimes you just have to find a hotel or motel to stay in along the way, and with some chains, this can be either a no-go or very cost prohibitive.

We found seven hotel/motel chains that offer a great place for you and your pet to spend the night. They not only welcome your pet but have given special consideration to pet lovers and pet parents alike. Here is the list of hotels/motels we found for you and your furry family friends:

roberto nickson dog hotel

Kimpton Hotels

When you go to the Kimpton Hotel’s website (link below) and look into how this company treats your pets, well, I would be excited to sign up for the same services they are offering my pets!

Kimpton also offers a number of services and amenities related to your pet, such as a concierge list of restaurants that allow pets, loaner beds, including food, water bowl, and mats for your room. They also offer courtesy bags for walking your dog.

As to the size of the pets they allow…get this, “If your pet fits through the door, we’ll welcome them in.” Not a bad offer for those of you with bigger dogs like Mastiffs, Great Danes, and St. Bernards, to name a few.

Several Kimpton properties even have a Directors of Pet Relations on site. Amazing!

We’ve been pet-friendly since our founding in 1981 — even our founder, Bill Kimpton, would bring his dog, Chianti, to work knowing that dogs have the innate ability to lift spirits!

Kimpton Hotel

Locations: Kimpton has 78 hotels in 48 cities around the globe.
Deposit: Pets stay free!
Hotel Link:
Pet Policy:

La Quinta by Wyndham

While in general La Quinta states they are pet friendly, they do have some hotel-location specific policies that you need to be aware of. One of which is that not all of their properties are free for pet stays:

…an optional pet fee may be charged at check-in ($20 per night for maximum of $40 per stay per room). Authorized service animals are not subject to a pet fee.

La Quinta Pet Policy Page

When it comes to your pets, they are specific about allowing only domestic animals, with some of their hotels having further policies about the size and weight of your pet.

Their overall policy leans more toward the “do not” versus “amenities” for your pets. This is in no wise a grate toward the La Quinta chain, as I’ve stayed with them before and have had no problems and a pleasurable experience. More than anything, it’s just important to be aware of their policy restrictions and definitely contact the specific hotel property where you plan on staying before booking your room.

They do list all of their properties that allow pets here.

Locations: La Quinta offers hundreds of hotels across North, Central, and South America
Deposit: Optional pet fee (hotel property specific) cost of $20 per night for a maximum of $40 per stay per room.
Hotel Link:
Pet Policy:

Red Roof Inn

Right off the bat, one thing you should know is that the Red Roof Inn allows one pet per room. They also have weight restrictions on the pet you bring (domestic pets only):

  • At Red Roof Inn and Red Roof PLUS+ locations, pet is not to exceed 80 pounds.
  • At The Red Collection locations, pet is not to exceed 40 pounds.

One thing to consider is that the hotel does not allow pets in any dining areas, laundry or pool areas, or the fitness center. While outside the hotel room, and still on the property, you are required to leash your pet at all times…though this is a no brainer no matter what hotel we’re in (Right? Right!).

Service animals and Emotional Support animals (“Assistance Animals”) that provide assistance to individuals with disabilities are welcome at all Red Roof properties.

Red Roof Inn Pet Policy Page

Locations: More than 600 Red Roof Inn properties, with the bulk of them in North America.
Deposit: “No charge for pets.”
Hotel Link:
Pet Policy:

charles deluvio dog bed

Motel 6

Motel 6 has a short-but-sweet pet policy page. And we like that!

They allow two pets per room, though they did share that, “Also, some state and local municipalities forbid any pets other than service animals.” As with all these hotel and motel chains, call before you book so there are no surprises when you arrive tired and ready to just relax.

If you are traveling in the United States or Canada, then chances are there is a Red Roof Inn property somewhere near where you are hoping to take a break.

While we can’t always accommodate every request (sorry, no Grizzly Bears!), service animals and well-behaved pets are welcome.

Motel 6 Pet Policy Page

Couldn’t pass up sharing the above quote, I mean come on, who actual has a pet Grizzly Bear? Wait, you do? I stand corrected. Unfortunately they don’t allow it. 🙂

Locations: More than 1,400 locations across the United States and Canada.
Deposit: “Pets stay free!”
Hotel Link:
Pet Policy:

Graduate Hotels

Okay, are you ready for this? Graduate Hotels has teamed up with Barkbox. After you check into your room and get settled, they will deliver a “…BarkBox along with a water bowl and blanket.” And this is complimentary! If you want to keep the water and bowl, there’s a fee (bowls for $30 and blankets for $90). Well played Graduate Hotels!

Though there are currently only 20 properties in the United States, these properties definitely have upbeat vibe to them, including being a pet owner. When you look at the property locations, you will quickly notice that each hotel is placed in a “college town.” After all, it’s it there name, right?

One thing you’ll find on each of their 20 individual property sites is the phrase, “Graduate Hotels is pet friendly.” So there you go.

Locations: Graduate Hotels have 20 properties in the United States.
Deposit: Pets stay free!
Hotel Link:
Pet Policy: No pet policy page. Best to call individual properties if you have questions.

Aloft Hotels

Aloft Hotels is a hotel chain based in North America, owned by Marriott International. They tagged themselves as the hotel for “music makers and music lovers.” They also tip their hat to bringing your pet.

Through their Arf ® (animals are fun) program, Aloft provides their canine guests with beds, bowls, and complimentary treats and toys. Most of their locations allow up to two dogs under 40 pounds per room at no additional cost. If your dogs larger than 40 pounds, don’t give up so quickly, call and see if the property allows a waiver; some do.

Locations: More than 134 pet-friendly locations across the United States.
Deposit: Most of these properties at no extra cost.
Hotel Link:
Pet Policy: No pet policy page. Best to call individual properties if you have questions.

brooke cagle dog bed 2

Virgin Hotels

I gotta say, when you go to the Virgin Hotel’s pet policy page you and enticed to plan a trip just to take your pet there! Well played, Virgin Hotels, well played.

A couple of highlights on their pet page:

  • A pet-friendly chamber with a porcelain watchdog just outside your door
  • A dog bed as comfortable as your human’s
  • Food and water dish . . . and some treats, of course
  • A Virgin Hotels bandana for the stylish among us

The only downside I can see from this small chain is exactly that, it’s a small chain. For now they only have hotels in four cities. However, I can think of a reason to visit each one of these cities as a reward for being a good person and a good pet parent!

Yep, we’re big fans of the fuzz, and think traveling with pets should be just as fun for them as it is for you. That’s why pets stay free with no size or breed restrictions.

Virgin Hotels Pet Policy Page

Locations: Locations in Dallas, Nashville, San Francisco, and Chicago (with 6 more properties planned).
Deposit: “Pets stay free!”
Hotel Link:
Pet Policy:

Conclusion: One thing that seems to be recurring is the importance of calling ahead to the specific property where you plan to stay. An ounce of preparation is worth more than a pound of “uh-oh” when you arrive. Also, make sure and don’t try to bring your Grizzly Bear with you, especially if you’re trying to stay at a Motel 6. Don’t shake your head at me, you know who you are!

Happy travels!

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